...days prior to study expiration to 45 days prior to study expiration.  This change will be effective on February 4, 2015, and will appear on approval letters  issued on and... Read More

Funding Opportunities FAQs

Research Funding System FAQs Limited Submission Program FAQs What is a Limited Submission? What is a Coordinated Submission? What documents are required for submitting to Limited Submissions? Where can I... Read More

Limited and Coordinated Submission Program the campus can submit. A coordinated submission program is a funding program in which the sponsor imposes specific restrictions on applications submitted by an institution to a specific Request for... Read More

Working with SPO

...ntractor. This is because if at the award stage a contractor relationship is determined to be more appropriate, it may be necessary for the PI to modify the proposal budget... Read More

About the Committees

...subjects. The research is permanently closed to the enrollment of new subjects and the remaining research activities are limited to data analysis. Studies will be assigned to an agenda based... Read More

Listserv Subscriptions

...MCA as it affects the UC Davis campus. Funding: This moderated list is for disseminating information about Limited Submissions programs and other new funding opportunities. Limited Submissions programs are... Read More

Post Submissions

...ffice of Research aims to provide and identify services and resources to aid the researcher’s efforts in developing and preparing a project or proposal.   Getting Started Working with SPO... Read More

Research Funding System

View and submit internal pre-proposals to limited and coordinated submission programs. Log-in to Research Funding   The Research Funding system is the resource for limited submissions and other research funding... Read More

Gov’t Funding for Industry Collaboration

...submissions. A limited submission program is a funding program in which the sponsor restricts the number of applications or proposals the campus can submit. Generally, these programs allow the campus... Read More