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Sponsored Programs

Contact information for Sponsored Programs

Location and Directions

Sponsored Programs

University of California, Davis
1850 Research Park Drive
Suite 300
Davis, CA 95618-6153

Phone: (530) 754-7700
Fax: (530) 754-8229

Proposal Documents:
Award Documents:

Office Hours

Monday-Friday: 8am - 5pm
The office is closed Saturday, Sunday and campus holidays

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Unsure who you should contact in our office? Use the Sponsored Programs Who to Contact Tool.

Learn more about Sponsored Programs or view our organizational chart.

General Communications

If you do not have an assigned analyst for your project, please contact the Team Leader for your college/school's team for any questions or other information.

Learn more about Sponsored Programs, or take a look at our organizational chart


Sponsored Programs Leadership

Hakim-Elahi, Ahmad Executive Director (530) 754-7687
Jenkins, Randi Associate Director, Team A
(530) 754-8323
Stevens, Sandra Associate Director, Team B (530) 754-7917

Administrative Services Team

Lundy, Khris Manager, Administrative Services
(530) 752-3749
Oliver, Stacy Administrative Services Assistant (530) 752-4325
Rajan, Pranila Administrative Services Assistant (530) 754-8530
___Vacant Administrative Services Assistant (530) 752-7265
Serpa, Sharon

Administrative Services Assistant, and
Assistant to the Executive Director
and Associate Directors

(530) 754-7689

Team A

College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, College of Engineering, and College of Letters and Science

Jenkins, Randi Associate Director, Team A

(530) 754-8323

Proposals (Team A)

Dye-Hixenbaugh, Chris [Team Leader] Contracts and Grants Officer (530) 754-8034
Bell, Patrick Contracts and Grants Analyst (530) 754-0114
Snyder, Jinger Contracts and Grants Analyst (530) 752-3767
Pham, Lien Contracts and Grants Analyst (530) 754-1079

Shanna Jose

Contracts and Grants Analyst (530) 754-8318

Awards (Team A)

Garrido, Joe [Team Leader] Contracts and Grants Officer (530) 754-7982
Kirkchaney, Mary Ellen Contracts and Grants Analyst (530) 754-8091
Russ, Brian Contracts and Grants Analyst (530) 754-7999
Sissac, Victoria Contracts and Grants Analyst (530) 754-8094
Smith, Kim Contracts and Grants Analyst (530) 752-3732
Vasser, Marque Contracts and Grants Analyst (530) 754-8280

Team B

School of Medicine, School of Veterinary Medicine, College of Biological Sciences, School of Education, Graduate School of Management, School of Law, ORUs, and all others not specifically listed under either Team A, or Team B

Stevens, Sandra Associate Director, Team A

(530) 754-7917

Proposals (Team B)

Pattison, Robert [Team Leader] Contracts and Grants Officer (530) 754-7996
Aguilar, Victoria Contracts and Grants Analyst (530) 754-8096
Carpenter, Kris Contracts and Grants Analyst (530) 754-8143
Neri, Erlita Contracts and Grants Analyst (530)754-8192
Whistler, Victoria Contracts and Grants Analyst (530) 754-8206


Awards (Team B)

Rossi, Marie [Team Leader] Contracts and Grants Officer (530) 754-8277
Ballinger, Erica Contracts and Grants Analyst (530) 754-8062
Fix, Monique Contracts and Grants Analyst (530) 754-8113
Parker, Lisa Contracts and Grants Analyst (530) 754-8017
___Vacant Contracts and Grants Analyst (530) 754-____
Wood, Karen Contracts and Grants Analyst (530) 754-8112

Negotiation Team

Hakim-Elahi, Ahmad [Team Leader] Executive Director
(530) 754-7687
Blair, Sue Contracts and Grants Officer (530) 754-8266
Lamar, Kimberly Contracts and Grants Officer (530) 754-8191
Noble, Paula Contracts and Grants Officer (530) 754-8115
Ody, valerie Contracts and Grants Officer (530) 752-5469
Willis, Eugene Contracts and Grants Officer (530) 754-7941

Aaron Trammell Training Officer         
(530) 754-7958

Electronic Research Administration (ERA)   &   Non-Financial Closeouts

Burton, Suzanne ERA Analyst
(530) 754-8036
Christina Fonseca Non-Financial Closeout Analyst (530) 754-8193