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License Our Technologies

To license UC Davis inventions for commercialization, you will work directly with an individual Intellectual Property Officer, supported by a business development specialist. Overall, we seek to work with you to understand your business and your interest in the technology, and will then propose a set of financial terms for the license. Once these terms are negotiated and agreed between us, we will negotiate the complete license agreement, which, once signed, grants you intellectual property and material rights to the invention.

All of our technologies available for licensing can be reviewed online. Each technology summary identifies the associated Intellectual Property Officer.

In general, we work with licensees in the following process to conclude a license.

Pre-licensing Steps

  • Review available technologies and identify those you’re interested in
  • Contact the appropriate Intellectual Property Officer at UC Davis InnovationAccess to let us know of your interest; you can find this information on the technology description page, or by visiting our staff listing.
  • After an initial discussion of your interest, a number of things may occur:
    • We may send you a confidentiality agreement for you to sign; after this we will be able to share detailed technical information about the invention with you, including conversations between you and the inventor(s)
    • We may request more information from you about your plans to commercialize the technology
  • Before proceeding, we will make an internal decision about whether your firm is the best potential licensee for the technology

Licensing Steps

  • Final licensing agreements with UC Davis will have common UC patent license terms and will reflect the over-arching UC principles of agreements.
  • Option agreements: you may wish to pursue a time-limited option agreement to the technology, while negotiations on the license proceed. This can provide you with a commitment that UC Davis will not continue to market the technology. Start-ups simultaneously seeking venture funding often find that this provides some assurance to potential investors about your access to the technology, without requiring a significant upfront cash outlay.
  • License agreements: you may decide to directly pursue the final license agreement. We will develop and agree on financial terms, and then negotiate the complete license agreement with you. These agreements rely on our standard templates as a starting point, and are consistent with the UC’s patent license terms.
  • When you and we are in agreement on the proposed license, we send it for final legal review to the UC system office in Oakland. This office reviews only the legal, not the business, terms of the agreement. After this, it is ready for signing by both of us, and you will have rights to commercialize the technology.

For more details, visit our Guide for Industry.


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