DIAL Grant Pilot Program 2017

Data, Informatics & Application Launch (DIAL™) Grant Pilot Program: FY 2016-17

The UC Davis Data, Informatics & Application Launch (DIAL) [1] Grant Program is a pilot funding program available in the 2016-17 fiscal year, funded by the Office of Research under the State of California’s AB-2664 legislative initiative and managed by UC Davis Venture Catalyst.  While the program may be offered in subsequent years, it is currently being offered and managed as a one-time pilot program.

The objective of the DIAL Grant Program is to provide targeted funding to support translational science and innovative research performed by UC Davis researchers, with the intent of demonstrating commercial potential, proof-of-concept or other outcomes that improve or clarify the commercialization risk profile for data, information science or software and related applications being developed at UC Davis. Examples of outcomes that might be realized from availability of research results or outcomes enabled by this program include development of software, algorithms, code, program prototypes or translational data that would not have been funded by traditional research grants, with the objective of de-risking a commercial product, service or platform, or substantially enabling critical steps towards commercialization of a program, product or service.

Key features of the DIAL grant program include 1) feedback to all applicants and 2) an active mentoring component for applicants.  Applicants receive summarized comments from written reviews and in-person review discussions.  Mentors from industry volunteer their time to advise applicants and award winners throughout the term of the award.  In the case of the STAIR Grant program, such advice has helped support finalists and awardees to meet milestones, adjust milestones if necessary, and increase competitiveness of future grant applications.

The 2016-17 DIAL Grant award recipients are as follows:

  • Petr Janata, Professor, Department of Psychology, College of Letters & Science:  Music-Evoked Autobiographical Memory Central (MEAMCentral)
  • Nelson Max, Distinguished Professor, Department of Computer Science, College of Engineering:  Augmented Reality Multi-Player Quadcopter Game System
  • Lisa Miller, Professor, Human Ecology, College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences:  Gamification of an Educational Tool to Increase Nutrition Literacy Skills and Promote Healthy Food Choices

DIAL Grant proposals were due by March 14, 2017.  A total of 5 DIAL Grant applications were received, all of which met eligibility requirements.  Following a rigorous review process involving external industry reviewers (investors, company professionals and entrepreneurs) and internal domain experts, 3 proposals were selected for award based on their potential for future high impact discoveries and innovation, as judged by their technical merit, commercial potential, and alignment of budget and milestones with translational enablement.  A total of $56,547 was allocated by Office of Research from the State of California’s AB-2664 legislative initiative, with maximum allowable funding of $20,000 per successful DIAL grant recipient.

More information about this year’s DIAL program can be found in the 2016-17 STAIR/DIAL Program Executive Summary.  DIAL Grant Program materials for 2016-17, including the DIAL Grant RFP, Application Form, and information session materials, can be accessed at the DIAL Grant Program Materials page.

Questions about the program can be directed to dialgrant@ucdavis.edu.

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[1] DIAL is a trademark of The Regents of the University of California.