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Startup Successes

Since FY 2003-04, 41 start-up companies have been formed at UC Davis.  The majority of the companies formed were in the fields of biotechnology and medical sciences (16 start-ups) and engineering and computing (11 start-ups).  In FY 2010-11, all of the start-ups were in two categories (3 in agriculture-related technologies and 4 in engineering).


More are continually in development, encouraged by the receptive culture at UC Davis and supported by the range of programs available at UC Davis InnovationAccess and the Child Family Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Select UC Davis Startup Companies Since 2004

Vitalea Science Inc. (2004; Dueker; Nutrition)

Proprietary AMS technology, the BioMicadasTM, provides ultra-sensitive detection strategies for drugs and drug candidates at microdose levels.

Glycometrix, Inc. (2004; Lebrilla; Chemistry)

Diagnostic markers for ovarian cancer.

Bloo Solar, Inc. (2005; Stroeve; Chemical Engineering)

Nanotubes for efficient photovoltaic solar applications.

Hill Engineering, LLC (2005; Hill; Mech. Engineering)

Advanced aeronautical engineering for aircraft.

Synapsense Corp. (2006; Pandey; Computer Science)

Wireless sensor network technologies.

Efficient Drivetrains, Inc. (2006; Frank; Mech. Engineering)

Developing continuously variable transmissions and hybrid vehicles.

Airmid, Inc. (2006; Wulff; UCI/UCD Pharmacology)

Novel potassium ion channel blockers as safer and more effective medicines for a variety of autoimmune diseases.

Pediatric Biosciences, LLC (2006; Amaral; MIND Institute)

Diagnostic and therapeutic treatment for autism.

OnSite PowerSystems, Inc. (2006; Zhang; Biological & Ag. Engineering)

Organic resource recovery through "advanced" anaerobic digestion creating new sources of biohydrogen, biofuels and alternative renewable energy.

Stratovan Corp. (2007; Wiley; Computer Science)

3-D imaging software for medical and other data analysis and imaging applications.

Synthia, LLC (2007; Chang; UCD)

Synthesizing discoveries in immunosensors and nanotechnology, offering new technologies for the rapid, inexpensive portable detection of pathogens, toxins and DNA in the environment, food and bodies.

Planarmag, Inc. (2008; Pham; Elect. & Computer Engineering)

Microelectronics company developing electromagnetic components for the computer, data networking and telecommunications industries.

RF Biocidics, Inc. (2008; Lagunas-Solar; CNL)

Developing technology that helps disinfect and disinfest pests and pathogens from agricultural food and non-food commodities, both on the surface and interior without chemical pesticides or dangerous radiation.

Octus Energy (2010; Bourne; WCEC)

Smart energy solutions particularly lighting, lighting control and HVAC products.

D3G, Inc. (2010; Gorin; Neurology)

Development of novel anti-cancer and neuro-protective agents.

VisiTube, Inc. (2010; Belafsky; Otolaryngology)

Endoscopically-guided naso-gastric and naso-duodenal feeding tubes.

Ennetix, Inc. (2010; Mukherjee; Engineering)

Smart Networks for Sustainability.

Barobo, Inc. (2010; Cheng; Engineering)

Research  Grade Modular Robots

Lumewave, Inc. (2011; Graeber; CLTC-Engineering)

Wireless solutions for control and monitoring of existing and immerging lighting technologies, provide enhanced public safety, and multi-level control of luminaires by command, schedule or occupancy response.

Dysonics Corporation (2011; Algazi; Engineering)

Progressive Molecular Diagnostics (2011; Bannasch; Vet Med)

Progressive Molecular Diagnostics provides veterinary diagnostic services, specializing in bovine and equine health.

Green Badge, LLC. dba UgMO Technologies (2011; Hopmans; Agriculture)

Rootzone monitoring and management.