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Submitting to Sponsored Programs

Pre-Proposal/White Paper/Letter of Intent with Required Institutional Signature

Some sponsors require a pre-proposal as part of the proposal review process. Pre-proposals that require an institutional signature, or require a detailed budget, or contain terms and conditions to which university is required to agree to at the time of submission of the pre-proposals,  need to be submitted through OR-Sponsored Programs.  These do not require a data sheet. Please include the following information to our office:

  • Sponsor due date
  • Principal Investigator name
  • Department contact person
  • Administering unit
  • Sponsor
  • Project title

Full-Proposal Submission

Please send your completed proposal packet to If your file is too large to send using your campus email account, please use the eDocs system to send your proposal to Sponsored Programs. A complete proposal package submitted to OR-Sponsored Programs will contain the following:

  • A complete copy of the proposal, to include, at a minimum:
    • Cover page (sample cover page, to be used when agency forms are not available (PDF)
    • Project budget and budget justification (See Budget Development for details)
    • Final scope of work (a draft may be submitted to Sponsored Programs with the final scope of work provided to Sponsored Programs prior to proposal submission to Sponsor)


In addition, you should include, if applicable:

  • A copy of the sponsor’s guidelines
  • Financial Disclosure Forms
  • Additional documentation: PI exception request, limited submission selectee documentation, etc.
  • Important addresses, email addresses, phone numbers or contacts for Sponsor and any Subcontractors
  • Letters of Support for cost share commitments in the proposal


When Sponsored Programs receives your proposal package, you will be assigned a proposal analyst, and will receive further information regarding your proposal via email. For more information about what the analyst assigned to your project will be checking for when reviewing your proposal, please visit Proposal Review.

Submission Deadlines

For proposals to receive a full review by OR-Sponsored Programs, they must be received 5 business days prior to requested return/submission date.

If you are in the School of Medicine or the School of Veterinary Medicine, the Dean will need to approve your proposal before it can be submitted to OR-Sponsored Programs. For information about your Dean’s suggested deadlines, you should contact your Dean’s office.