Limited and Coordinated Submission Program

View and submit internal pre-proposals to limited and coordinated submission programs.

The Program

A limited submission program is a funding program in which the sponsor sets an institutional limit for the number of applications or proposals the campus can submit. A coordinated submission program is a funding program in which the sponsor imposes specific restrictions on applications submitted by an institution to a specific Request for Applications (RFA).

The Limited Submissions Program is a service of the Office of Research that assists faculty in identifying limited and coordinated submission opportunities and coordinates the campus review and nomination of applications for those opportunities.

The Process

Announcements include a brief program description, submission requirements, review criteria and deadline information.

Investigators are encouraged to express interest in the Research Funding system.
Announcements are shared via the Weekly Research Funding Update and viewable in the Research Funding system.

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Investigators submit pre-proposals via the Research Funding system by 5:00 pm on the date indicated in the announcement.

Investigators are encouraged to submit pre-proposals early in case technical difficulties are encountered.

Pre-proposals include completion of an online application form and uploading required documents.

View the Research Funding User Guide.

If the number of pre-proposals is less than institutional limit, the investigator(s) is given approval to proceed with an application. If the number of pre-proposals exceed the institutional limit, a faculty review committee conducts a review.

The Office of Research selects the nominee(s) based on the committee recommendation.

Review feedback is provided upon decision.

Investigator(s) of the selected pre-proposal(s) is/are notified, asked to prepare a proposal to the sponsor and provided review feedback.

The investigator submits the proposal to the Sponsored Programs Office (SPO) for review and approval. Some Schools and Colleges require the Dean’s approval prior to submission to SPO.

SPO facilitates electronic submission of / or the investigator mails the proposal.

Review Criteria

Review criteria are determined based on the criteria employed by the sponsor for each funding program.  In general, Limited submission pre-proposals will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Intellectual Merit: How important is the proposed research to advancing knowledge within its field or across fields? How well qualified is the proposer? To what extent does the project suggest and explore original concepts? How well conceived is the proposed project? What is the likelihood of succes?
  • Significance/Broader Impacts: How well does the proposed project advance discovery and understanding while promoting training, and learning? How well does it broaden the participation of underrepresented groups? To what extent will it enhance the infrastructure for research? Will the results be disseminated broadly? What are the benefits of the proposed research to society?
  • Match to Sponsor’s Program and UC Davis Goals: How well does the proposed project address the sponsor’s programmatic requirements and goals? Given UC Davis’s research goals and strengths, what are the benefits to campus?
  • Other Relevant Factors: e.g. cultural competency; public outreach efforts; quality of the evaluation design; comments from previous submissions to the same program- if applicable- and the current proposal’s responsiveness to those comments.

Weekly Research Funding Update

The Limited Submission program distributes information about limited submissions programs and other funding opportunities on a weekly basis. Subscribe to receive this information through on of the following methods.

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Program Coordinator

Phone: (530) 754-7738