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Office of Research Internal Funding Programs

To Apply for Office of Research Internal Funding

  1. Complete the Internal Research Funding Program form [PDF]
  2. Review the program guidelines/requirements and note any applicable financial matches
  3. Describe the research project
  4. Submit cover letter to Vice Chancellor for Research from PI and/or Dean’s Office – OPTIONAL
  5. Justify support of the program
  6. Proposed usage of budget/funds
  7. Describe any financial match requirements
  8. Other relevant information
  9. Submit Internal Research Funding Program form, with required department signatures, and cover letter to the Vice Chancellor for Research (mail or delivery to:  Office of Research, Attn: Business & Finance, 1850 Research Park Drive, Suite 300, Davis, CA  95618)

Principal Investigator (PI) Bridge Program

This program provides one-time funding to Principal Investigators (PIs) who have lost, or will lose their primary extramural funding. Funds ensure continuation of a research project for an interim period until extramural support can be reestablished. To better serve our faculty, in response to sequestration and other impacts to grant funding, the Office of Research will implement revised PI Bridge Program requirements on a temporary basis, commencing February 11, 2014, and amended on August 1, 2014.

  • Awards will be granted, based on need, for a maximum of one year and totaling $80,000, or the average annual direct costs received by the grantee from a peer-reviewed extramural grant for the previous five years (or three years, if applicable), whichever is less.
  • The Office of Research will provide 50% of each request for Bridge Program funds (i.e., up to $40,000). The remainder of the funds should be provided by the applicant’s Dean’s office and/or department.
  • If the grantee reestablishes funding from other sources during the grant period, the unspent bridge funds will be returned to the Office of Research.
  • Previous receipt of bridge funds will not disqualify you from this program. However, starting February 11, 2014, applicants may apply for the expanded bridge funding no more frequently than once every five years.
  • For awards with multiple PIs, duplicative requests to bridge the same program will not be entertained. Instead, a joint application may be submitted. Multiple Colleges/Departments are allowed to contribute additional funding in this circumstance at their discretion if they wish to provide more than the $80,000 bridge ceiling but OR’s share will not exceed $40,000.

Please note that the School of Medicine (SOM) has its own internal Bridge Funding request process. In addition to the Principal Investigator Bridge Program Guidelines, SOM PI’s should review this document as well: SOM Bridge Funding Request Process

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Proposal Preparation and Matching Funds Program

The Proposal Preparation and Matching Funds Program has four components.

  1. Equipment Match: Provides cost sharing or matching funds for equipment when required by an external sponsor
  2. Cost Sharing: Provides matching funds for proposals to government and not-for-profit organizations when required by the sponsor
  3. Multidisciplinary Proposal Support: Provides project development support (e.g. clerical, travel, supplies and expendables, or grant writing assistance)
  4. Basic Research Grants: Supports the development of new Organized Research Units (ORUs), Organized Research Programs (ORPs) or new research centers

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Publication Assistance Fund

The Publications Assistance Fund assists ladder faculty, particularly those early in their career, with the publication of books or monographs and exhibition or performance of works of art representative of University of California standards. The intent of the fund is to defray certain costs that would not normally be covered by the publisher, thus enhancing the possibility of the work to be published. This program is co-sponsored by the Office of Research and the participating colleges and schools.

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