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Grant Coordinators’ Network

We are a network of UC Davis research development staff from different departments, divisions, programs and centers. We share resources, communicate best practices, and collaborate. Our Mission is to identify, create, and sustain campus-wide support, resources, and networking tools for grant coordinators.

Quarterly Meetings

Should this be an Infographic?

June 7, 3:00 – 4:00 PM in the Plant and Environmental Sciences Building, room 3001

We will talk with and hear a presentation from Tom Watts, Lead Interactive Web Designer on UC Davis’s Strategic Communications team. Tom will discuss best practices and strategies to present the concepts you are attempting to communicate in your grant proposals and finally answer the question…should this be an infographic? We will bring refreshments, you bring questions! RSVP to Bridget Gruber.


Shared Resources (e.g. templates, guides, budget tools) are posted on our shared drive.

A biweekly GCN Newsletter is distributed and posted on our shared drive.

Third Party Resources: Academic Research Funding Strategies, LLC  publishes a monthly electronic newsletter on how to compete successfully for research and education funding from federal agencies and foundations. The Interdisciplinary Research Support team purchased a subscription with 25 additional distributions allowed. If you are interested in reading an issue, please email Bridget Gruber to request a copy. Past issues can be viewed by signing into our SharePoint site.

If you would like to join our network, please send an email to Bridget Gruber.

Grant Coordinators Network