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Research Compliance and Integrity

Research Compliance and Integrity

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NEW RULES FOR PHS FUNDED RESEARCHERS: Click here for more information about new federal conflict of interest rules


The university is committed to achieving the highest ethical and legal standards of research conduct by fostering a culture of compliance, responsibility and conscience that reflects integrity and truth as core values in science and scholarship.The Research Compliance and Integrity (RCI) unit of the Office of Research promotes integrity through education and training and by developing and implementing policies and procedures to assure compliance with federal and state laws and regulations regarding the responsible conduct of research.

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The RCI unit provides administrative support and oversight to the following compliance areas:


  • Boating and Diving Safety (oversight of policies and procedures)

The RCI unit provides administrative support to the following committees:


The RCI Director provides additional services in the following areas:

  • Collaborates with IACUC to maintain AALAC accreditation
  • Liaison to departments, research units, and government agencies to ensure compliance in biosafety, human subjects, and animal subjects research
  • Provides campus with expertise and training on complex federal, sate and university regulations and compliance areas


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