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About Our Staff

2013 IRS Citation of Excellence

Pictured from left: Chancellor Katehi, Alyssa Bunn, Regan Scott, Erin Astleford, Sheryl Soucy-Lubell, and Kassie Obelleiro.


The Interdisciplinary Research Support (IRS) team received a Distinguished Citation for Excellence in 2013.  IRS was recognized for Campus Community Contributions towards fulfilling the UC Davis vision of excellence for research.

Staff and Contact Information

Sheryl Soucy-Lubell

Sheryl is the director and editorial coordinator of the IRS unit. She has a PhD in Ecology and Evolution and is responsible for coordinating the activities of all team members – including faculty and staff – during proposal development. She edits technical writing or writing about specialized subjects and is able to critically review many scientific elements of the proposal.

Phone: (530) 754-7725

Huguette Albrecht

Huguette is an editorial coordinator. She has a PhD in Cellular and Molecular Biology, and her areas of specialty include plant and human biology and oncology. She coordinates the editorial activities of grant-writing teams during proposal development, and critically reviews and edits scientific and technical writing.

Phone: (530) 754-7788

Erin Astleford

Erin, senior editor with the IRS, is an expert in copy editing, language usage, and flow of logic. The aim of her work is to create consistency across all sections of the proposal while allowing each author’s meaning to remain true.

Phone: (530) 754-7828

Alyssa Bunn

Alyssa, the unit's financial analyst, is a Certified Research Administrator with 10 years of university budget experience, knowledge of the requirements of the Sponsored Programs Office and most sponsoring agencies, and a keen understanding of an investigator’s need for budget flexibility.

Phone: (530) 754-7827

Bridget Gruber

Bridget is a Research Development Analyst. She develops resources to assist researchers in small- to medium-scale proposal preparation. She also coordinates activities of large-scale proposal development and critically reviews technical writing. Bridget has an MS in Ecology and specializes in project management.

Phone: (530) 754-0188

Tomoko Nakai

As Research Development Coordinator, Tomoko supports the activities and programmatic needs of the IRS team as it guides UC Davis researchers through the process of developing proposals for funding. She also provides analytical support to the team and manages the IRS projects calendar.

Phone: (530) 752-9196

Kassie Obelleiro

Kassie, the Limited Submissions Program Coordinator, diligently identifies funding opportunities for campus researchers and coordinates reviews of limited submission pre-proposals.  She also provides guidance to researchers concerning finding research funding and collaborators.

Phone: (530) 754-7738

Regan Scott

Regan coordinates the activities of faculty, staff, and administrators in the preparation of training grant program proposals to extramural sponsors. She assumes lead responsibility for data collection, maintenance, and retrieval including preparing required training grant tables and reports according to the guidelines for each funding opportunity.

Phone: (530) 752-9503