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Cayuse 424

We are pleased to provide the UC Davis research community with a new software solution to simplify the process of preparing and submitting grant proposals through  The Office of Research has recently partnered with Evisions to bring Cayuse 424 to UC Davis.

The Cayuse system is entirely web-based and provides system-to-system proposal submission to The benefits include:

  • Electronic routing and approval of proposal data sheets.
  • Entry of SF-424 data online rather than as a PDF.
  • Auto-population of institutional data in the SF‑424.
  • The ability for multiple users to view and edit the proposal simultaneously.
  • The ability for a PI to continue work on the science section while SPO reviews finances and potential issues regarding compliance with sponsor and university policies.
  • Advanced validation of proposals based on sponsor rules, which allows for reduced submission errors.
  • Ability for PIs to submit proposals after SPO review.

Use of the system is optional at this point, but we encourage you to try it to experience the many advantages that it offers over using the SF-424 forms.

  1. To begin using the system, access the site at  Your UC Davis Kerberos login gives you access to Cayuse.
  2. Your first step after logging in should be to begin completion of your Professional Profile.  Doing so will allow you to be efficiently added to proposals.

Training is available on the SPO Training website. We suggest review of the “Getting Started” guide before, or concurrently as you begin using Cayuse.  If preferred, in-person training with Cayuse is available at weekly labs offered by the Office of Research—simply send a note to [email protected] to request an invitation to the next lab.

NOTE:  The information provided is tailored specifically for faculty, but may be used by departmental research support staff as well.  Unless included as personnel on a proposal, support staff will not need to complete their Professional Profiles beyond the departmental affiliation step.

If you have any questions, or need additional assistance, please contact [email protected].