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Seven UC Davis companies are finalists for Sacramento Region Innovation Awards

Seven University of California, Davis, companies are among the 17 finalists for the inaugural Sacramento Region Innovation Awards announced on September 21. Stoel Rives LLP, Moss Adams LLP and the Sacramento Business Journal are presenting the awards. More than 80 nominations were reviewed by the selection committee, which was made up of representatives from the region’s business, academic and technology sectors.

The program features awards in six categories. UC Davis-affiliated companies are represented in three of the six: Food and Agribusiness, Hardware and Electronics, and Medical and Health Technologies and Services. Winners will be announced at an awards luncheon in Sacramento on Friday, November 4, 2016. Below are the UC Davis-affiliated finalists.

Category: Food and Agribusiness

Automated Irrigation Advisor by Tule Technologies
Tule Technologies has developed a sophisticated system for providing site-specific irrigation recommendations based on production goals for more accurate irrigation decisions.

Radio Frequency Pasteurizer by RF Biocidics
RF Biocidics manufactures equipment specifically designed for the elimination of food-related pathogens, pests and fungi.

RAPID Kit by AstRoNA Biotechnologies
AstRoNA Biotechnologies is building a simple-to-use pathogen detector that can be employed on-site during every phase of food production from field to table.

Category: Hardware and Electronics

LinkBot by Barobo, Inc.
Barobo aims to make robotics more affordable, adaptable, reconfigurable and reprogrammable for education, research and industrial applications.

Category: Medical and Health Technologies and Services

infantis by Evolve Biosystems
Evolve Biosystems is developing the next generation of microbiome-based solutions to establish, restore and maintain a healthy human gut microbiome across a range of unmet clinical needs.

GroCell-3D HCCP Scaffolds by Molecular Matrix Musculoskeletal, Inc.
Molecular Matrix Musculoskeletal is developing advanced research tools for cultivating and growing cells in three dimensions and the study of stem cells.

ViVita Process & ViVita BP by ViVita Technologies, Inc.
ViVita Technologies has developed a process that removes the major components of material responsible for stimulating an immune response, enhancing tissue replacement to help prevent a recipient’s immune system from rejecting a new organ.

Click here for a complete list of all the finalists as well as details about the awards ceremony.

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