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New SPARK Software Solution for Research Administration

UC Davis is moving toward a comprehensive, campus-wide software solution for research administration needs, including maintaining proposals, awards and research compliance data that links to Extramural Funds Accounting records. As a first step in this campus-wide endeavor, Sponsored Programs Office (“SPO”) is transitioning from its current Contracts and Grants (“C&G”) database to the Sponsored Programs Administration and Research Kiosk (“SPARK”) for recording awards activities. The rollout has been planned as a phased release and once fully implemented, SPARK will enable the campus to view proposal and award data in real time, sync data with Extramural Funds Accounting, and pursue system-to-system electronic proposal submissions.

The following is an update on our progress:

  • The first phase of this transition began July 1st of this year, allowing SPO staff to use the SPARK system to enter new awards.
  • The second phase is currently in development. Once released, the system will allow campus to view award data online (mockups will be shared once they are finalized), offering more efficient reporting tools in real-time. During this phase we will also work on data migration from the current legacy system CGT to SPARK for awards entered prior to July 1, 2014.
  • The third phase will include several campus-wide benefits like in-system proposal development; electronic routing of data sheets; system-to-system submission of proposals to, NSF fastlane, and other sponsor portals (with immediate, pre-submission validation checks); and enhanced campus visibility of proposal and award data.
  • The fourth phase will include additional campus-wide benefits integrating with COI and IRB.

The timing of phase two, three and four will be communicated with advanced notice, and training opportunities, as those releases approach.

If you have questions about the SPARK system in general, either visit the SPARK website or contact Sheri Pulis at or (530) 754-7842.