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Signature Research in Genomics Program


UC Davis believes that investments in genomic research is an important element in establishing a world-class research facility in multi-omics integration, big data bioinformatics, and large-scale genomics-based discovery. The UC Davis Signature Research in Genomics Program (SRG) supports this vision by providing seed funding for projects that require use of high throughput DNA sequencing to address grand challenge problems in agricultural, environmental and health sciences. This program is designed to promote large-scale innovative genomics research at UC Davis that is enabled by next generation sequencing technology.

SRG Awardees

Alan Bennett Regulation of Maize-Microbial Interactions at the Aerial Root Interface
Andrew Whitehead Developing red abalone as a model for climate change research
Angela Linderholm Genomic Analysis of Longitudinal Bronchial thermoplasty Samples
Bart Weimer Microbiome of the placenta to impact early life – stems cells, bacteria, and metabolites
Brian Todd Using Transcriptomics to Investigate Molecular Mechanisms of Resistance to Fungal Disease in Amphibians
Carrie Finno Determining the role of CYP7A1 in a naturally-occurring model of a-tocopherol associated neurodegeneration
Clare Casteel Examining safe application of next generation insect control using genomics and bioinformatics
Danielle Lemay Metatranscriptomics of the gut microbiome of idiopathic chronic diarrhea
Danika Bannasch Alliance for Canine Translational Genomics (ACTG)
David Neale Feasibility study of a comparative approach to de novo assembly of the Coast Redwood (Sequoia sempervirens) genome
Elizabeth Maga The role of the metagenome, transcriptome and metabolome on intestinal health
Fred Chedin Epigenetic perturbations and junk DNA activation in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
Joanna Chiu Investigating the role of DNA methylation in regulating mosquito physiology and implications for Malaria control
John Albeck Identifying gene expression programs that decode ERK/MAPK dynamics
Jorge Dubcovsky Rapid mutant mapping in wheat using exome-capture and sequencing technology
Joshua Stern Next-generation sequencing to identify novel genetic causes of feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy: Developing a large animal model of a devastating inherited heart condition in man
Karl Murray Single-Neuron Transcriptome Classification of Primate Visual Pathways
Michele La Merrill Identifying persistent and functionally relevant DNA methylation across tissues from mice exposed to DDT
Neelima Sinha New tools to leverage crop wild relatives for crop breeding and improvement: a case study in tomato
Noriko Satake Identification of leukemia stem cell hierarchy using single-cell RNA-sequencing technology
Qizhi Gong Neuronal Activity Evoked Transcriptional Changes in Single Sensory Neurons
Richard Connon Integration of transcriptomics with physiological performance measurements for the conservation of a declining fish species of the San Francisco Bay Delta
Susan Stover Toward a mechanistic understanding of osteoclast dysregulation in equine Silicate Associated Osteoporosis (SAO)
Yoosok Lee Advanced genomic tools for estimating dispersal of African malaria vectors