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Venture Catalyst DRIVE™ Program

Distributed Research Incubation & Venture Engine

Through the Venture Catalyst DRIVE™ (Distributed Research Incubation & Venture Engine) Program, UC Davis is taking a distributed approach to developing a network of lean, thematically oriented business incubators both on-campus and off-campus. DRIVE will consist of a network of start-up incubation facilities (the DRIVE™ Network Innovation Centers) to be facilitated through the Office of Research by Venture Catalyst with management of the actual incubation facilities handled by the physical facility owners. Startups will enter into leases directly with the Innovation Center landlord.

The DRIVE Network will provide UC Davis startups with access to affordable, mixed office/lab business incubation spaces in close proximity to the UC Davis campus (in Davis and Sacramento). In furtherance of the University’s educational, research and public mission, a key objective of the DRIVE Program is to support practical educational opportunities for the UC Davis community through translational science and innovative research by UC Davis Startups and affiliated new ventures.

It is anticipated that the success of DRIVE will enable and stimulate regional entrepreneurial activity, powered by technologies developed at UC Davis. DRIVE will also facilitate coordinated and consistent access to services by on-campus business incubators within the UC Davis DRIVE Network.

DRIVE Program Incubators

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