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IACUC Laboratory/Study Area Inspection Program


The purpose of the IACUC Laboratory/Study Area Inspection Program is to ensure that research in the laboratories is conducted according to Public Health Service (PHS), United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), and UC Davis policies, and is consistent with the Principal Investigator’s (PI’s) animal care and use protocol.


All laboratory/study areas where live, vertebrate animals are used for research or teaching must be visited on a routine basis. The type of research being conducted and species used will determine the frequency of the inspections, as described below.

If laboratory personnel maintain a USDA covered species longer than 12 hours the laboratory will be visited semi-annually by two voting members of the IACUC.

If a laboratory is used to conduct surgery or holds a non-USDA covered species for longer than 12 hours the laboratory will be visited semi-annually by a member of the IACUC Staff and/or a member of the IACUC.

If the laboratory does not fall under one of the above categories, but live, vertebrate animals are brought to the laboratory, a member of IACUC Staff and/or a member of the IACUC will perform a periodic inspection (e.g., annual, biennial).


The PI and/or designated laboratory contact will be notified by the IACUC Office regarding any upcoming inspections. The laboratory will be provided with a preparatory Checklist to prepare for the inspection. The IACUC Office will attempt to coordinate with the designated contact person to schedule a date/time for the inspection. If a response is not received in a timely manner the inspection may be conducted unannounced. The inspection will be conducted using the Laboratory Inspection Checklist (Attachment 1) and periodically, the Post Approval Monitoring form (Attachment 2).

Minor and significant deficiencies will be noted, correction plans discussed, and a corrective time frame determined. Deficiencies must be corrected within the determined timeframe. If the deficiency is not corrected within the allotted time period the PI’s IACUC protocols may be suspended by the IACUC. Multiple and/or repeated deficiencies may also lead to the suspension of the PI’s IACUC protocols.  AAALAC, OLAW (PHS funded activities), and USDA (covered species) will be notified of all suspensions.

The IACUC will review all inspection reports and take the necessary actions. The Institutional Official (IO) will be notified of all significant deficiencies. Other officials such as Department Chairs will be notified as necessary.

After the inspection, the laboratory will receive notification and access to the final written report via the IACUC online system. If there are questions or concerns about the report, the laboratory will be informed that they can contact the IACUC Office. The report will be placed on the IACUC agenda for review.



  • Significant deficiency. A situation that is or may be a threat to animal health or safety.


  • Minor deficiency. A problem for which an immediate solution is not essential to protect life or prevent distress to an animal.


  • Study area. “Any building room, area, enclosure, or other containment outside of a core facility or centrally designated or managed areas in which animals are housed for less than 12 hours.” per the Animal Welfare Regulations.

Procedure: IACUC-04
Date: September 19,2019
Enabled By: PHS/USDA
Supersedes: July 28, 2016