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UC Safety Systems

UC Safety is an integrated solution for lab management and safety produced by and for the University of California.

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UC Safety provides a one-stop-shop for lab safety, occupational health and risk management. The apps are built for the needs of our diverse user base, including researchers, students, faculty, EH&S and risk management.

UC Safety Systems

Chemical Management

  • Chemicals is a chemical inventory management tool that allows users to quickly add chemicals to an inventory. Chemicals includes a library of chemicals that are referenced to populate chemical details, including hazards and first aid information. The application is available in a native phone application as well as for tablet and desktop.
  • Safety Data Sheets (SDS) allows user to choose RightAnswer or a customized Google search to locate Safety Data Sheets. SDS uses single sign on and is available within UC Safety.
  • Risk Assessment Determinations in Chemical Academic Laboratories (RADiCAL) automates managing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for handling chemicals.

Claims Management

  • Employer’s First Report (EFR) automates OSHA 5020, allowing claim administrators and supervisors to track initial causes of injuries and verify that corrective actions have been taken to reduce the likelihood of repeat injuries.
  • Accommodate is disability management system that tracks all efforts related to getting employees back to work following time off due to injury, including a history of work accommodations and consultation notes.

Hazard Management

  • Laboratory Hazard Assessment Tool (LHAT) allows the PI to conduct a hazard assessment relevant to their research environment and determines the proper PPE that should be used to ensure safety in the lab.
  • Hazard Assessment Chemical Exposure Monitoring (HACEM) tracks data related to the monitoring of campus research personnel for chemical exposures.
  • NFPA provides campuses, medical centers and other UC locations with a tool for submitting a self-assessment.

Hazardous Waste/Waste Management

  • Waste Accumulation Storage Tracking electronically (WASTe) provides automated hazardous waste tracking, tag generation and pick-up for proper disposal, as well as an interface between Principal Investigators (PIs), lab staff and the waste management staff for the campus.
  • Waste Diversion Form gathers information on overall campus waste reduction activities for the fiscal year.

Health Screening

  • Occupational Health Surveillance System (OHSS) automates the health screening process for researchers handling animals and biological agents.

Injury Prevention

  • Be Smart About Safety is an automated funding application form for the BSAS program.
  • Workstrong is an enhanced form replacement for the Occupational Wellness Program.


  • Inspect is a flexible, customizable tool that manages the scheduling, completion and long term tracking of safety inspections.

Liability & Insurance

  • Construction Insurance Forms automates forms related to the university’s construction insurance programs, such as Builder’s Risk and the University Controlled Insurance Program (UCIP). Forms must be completed and submitted to request start of coverage, extension of coverage or termination of coverage.
  • Minors is a reporting and service desk effort for the B2H system, a UC‐wide youth program management system.

Travel Safety

  • Away allows an employee to register a UC-related trip with the university and provides them with travel resources to help identify and minimize risk.
  • UC Abroad offers up-to-date travel tips and information on vaccinations and illnesses, food safety, situational awareness and more. UC Abroad includes location-specific information for 20 countries on five continents.

Use Authorization Management

  • Biosafety Information Online automates the Biological Use Authorization process.
  • Radiation is an online tool for managing the use of radioactive substances within labs from the initial use authorization to the final waste pickup.

Business Intelligence

  • Biosafety Dashboard illustrates a comparison of Biological Use Authorization status in an interactive format.
  • Inspect Dashboard identifies historical trends, provides analysis of findings and tracks progress of inspections.
  • Laboratory Hazard Assessment Dashboard enables a user to conduct a comparative analysis on their specific campus’ data or UC-wide data related to labs, assessments and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
  • Medical Center Workers’ Compensation Dashboard illustrates a comparison of workers’ compensation losses in an interactive format.
  • Waste Accumulation Storage Tracking electronically (WASTe) Dashboard provides a historical analysis of the time between waste tag generation, tag pick-up and tag shipment.  Users can compare and contrast the time between each activity to track overall performance and identify if goals are being met.