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Use of UC Davis Animal Facilities by Non-UC Davis Personnel


On occasion, individuals from other research institutions wish to conduct animal related research at the University of California, Davis. These institutions may be other UC campuses, universities, governmental agencies, or private corporations. The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) is responsible for the proper conduct of all research and teaching activities using animals at UC Davis, regardless of the source of funding of the project.  The purpose of this policy is to describe the process by which Non-UC Davis personnel can obtain IACUC approval to conduct animal related research at UC Davis facilities and allow collaboration with UC Davis researchers.  This does not apply to UC Davis property that has been leased.


  1. If an outside research entity, public or private, wishes to make use of UC Davis facilities, it must establish a working relationship with a UC Davis faculty member or under special circumstances, a career employee, to sponsor the project. The UC Davis faculty/staff member serves as the Principal Investigator for the IACUC Protocol for Animal Care and Use.
  2. The UC Davis employee must assume the responsibility for appropriate supervision of the project, training of project staff, ensure visiting staff is in compliance with the Occupational Health policy and must serve as the primary contact for the IACUC and for the Office of the Attending Veterinarian. The UC Davis employee must have appropriate supervisory authority to oversee the conduct of the project at UC Davis.
  3. Exceptions to the UC Davis sponsor relationship may be granted following a written request with an explanation by the other research institution, and subsequent approval by the UC Davis IACUC.
  4. Documentation of IACUC approval for projects using UC Davis facilities may be requested from the IACUC of the non-UC Davis collaborating investigator’s institution.
  5. The sponsoring UC Davis employee will be responsible for enrolling the non-UC Davis personnel as a Temporary Affiliate in order to provide access to the protocol and other related training material. This can be done at
  6. The IACUC may accept the home institutions approved protocol for projects not requiring overnight housing at UC Davis.  The IACUC will confirm the home institutions approval for animal transfers.
  7. Use of UC Davis space is dependent on availability and may require additional approval by the department controlling the space.


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Procedure: IACUC-24
Date: 02/11/20126
Enabled by: PHS Policy
Supersedes: 06/28/2012