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Limited Submissions FAQs

What is a Limited Submission?

Often a sponsor will impose a limitation on the number of applications/proposals that an institution can submit (usually one or two) to a specific RFA. Generally, these programs allow the campus to submit only one or two proposals for each application cycle. Limited submission programs are internally coordinated in order to ensure that UC Davis sends only the allowable number of proposals. When a sponsor imposes such a limit, the Office of Research coordinates the process for selecting the applicant(s) who may submit a proposal/application for that program.

What is a Coordinated Submission?

A coordinated submission program is a funding program in which the sponsor imposes other types of specific restrictions on applications submitted by an institution to a specific Request for Applications (RFA). Such restrictions may include certification that multiple proposals are not duplicative or for similar equipment or projects. Coordinated submission programs are internally reviewed to ensure all applications submitted by the university are eligible.

What documents are required for submitting to Limited Submissions?

Each internal announcement indicates what documents are required for the relevant program announcement. All open internal competitions can be viewed and applied to in the InfoReady Review system by logging in with your campus Kerberos ID.

In general, the following are required for submitting to Limited Submissions:

  • Contact information for the Principal Investigator (PI) and any co-PIs
  • A project abstract, which is a text field part of the online application form
  • A CV for the PI and any co-PIs (uploaded to the online application form)
  • If an internal competition is anticipated, the letter of intent will also require a two-page (maximum) project description that adequately addresses the program goals and objectives.
  • For anticipated competitions, other materials may be requested.

Where can I find instructions on how to submit a letter of intent to Limited Submissions?

Internal letters of intent (LOIs) are submitted online via the InfoReady Review system. Instructions for using the InfoReady Review system as an applicant or as a reviewer are available on the InfoReady Review home page.

Complete the following steps to submit an internal letter of intent (LOI) for review:

  1. Log in to InfoReady Review with your campus Kerberos ID.
  2. Find the limited submission competition to which you intend to apply. You can search for the title of the program using the search box.
  3. Select the “Submit Internal LOI” or “Apply” button, and follow the prompts to submit your LOI. Note: You may save a draft to complete later.
  4. Select “Submit” once your application is complete.

How are programs determined to be a Limited Submission?

Limited Submissions programs are determined by the sponsoring agency. The Limited Submissions Program Coordinator searches various sources, including sponsor websites and Pivot (, to identify funding opportunities in which the sponsor has imposed a limitation on the number of applications/proposals that an institution may submit. When a sponsor imposes such a limit, the Office of Research coordinates the process for selecting the applicant(s) that may submit an internal LOI for that program.

Whom do I contact if I have questions regarding Limited Submissions?

If you have questions concerning the Limited Submissions program, please contact the Program Coordinator at (530) 754-7738 or [email protected].

How are Limited Submission LOIs reviewed?

Unless otherwise indicated in the Limited Submissions program announcement, Limited Submissions are reviewed on the following criteria.

  • The relevance or “match” between the proposed project and the program requirements
  • The PI’s CV/qualifications in the specific area of research
  • The impact or “importance” of the proposed project
  • The quality of the project description

Any other factors relevant and appropriate to the funding program such as cultural competency; public outreach efforts; underrepresented groups/minorities; quality of the evaluation design; the comments from previous submissions to the same program – if applicable – and the current proposal’s responsiveness to those comments; the likelihood of success

Who serves as a Limited Submissions reviewer?

A review committee consisting of faculty representatives from the relevant schools, colleges, and/or divisions is formed to provide a recommendation to the Associate Vice Chancellor for Research. The representatives are determined based upon which colleges, schools, and/or divisions submit LOIs for the specific program.

How do I sign up to receive weekly funding announcements?

You can subscribe to receive weekly email notifications using your UC Davis email account. Please subscribe by selecting the appropriate link below. You may be required to authenticate prior to subscribing to a list.

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After my pre-proposal is selected as the campus applicant/nominee, do I need to submit documents to Sponsored Programs?

Yes, you need to submit your proposal through the Sponsored Programs unit, as usual, before submitting to the sponsor. Limited Submissions is not part of the Sponsored Programs unit and does not have authority to submit your proposal.