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There are many steps to developing a research project and preparing a proposal for submission. The Office of Research aims to provide and identify services and resources to aid the researcher’s efforts in developing and preparing a project or proposal.



General travel costs include a variety of expenses, including ground and air transportation, communications, lodging and subsistence or per diem, foreign travel, currency exchange fees, and passport and visa costs. In your actual budget, you need to make sure that you list the total cost of domestic and foreign travel separately.

UNIFORM GUIDANCE made changes to rules regarding DEPENDENT CARE TRAVEL COSTS charged to federal awards.

Please note: Dependent care travel costs cannot be included in proposal budgets until UC establishes a policy.

The new allowance for dependent care costs set forth in the Uniform Guidance, but not yet codified by UC policy, is NOT to pay for the travel expenses of PI or personnel’s dependents accompanying them on their travel, but rather to pay for temporary expenses that are above and beyond normal care and that are a direct result of the employee’s travel.

For example, an employee with a small child must travel for two days, leaving at 8 a.m. Monday and returning at 5 p.m. Tuesday. Because the project necessitates the employee being in attendance on Tuesday, the employee must stay overnight. The grant cannot pay for child care expenses incurred during the normal work day on Monday or Tuesday but can pay for expenses incurred to provide care for Monday night.