Venture Catalyst

Venture Catalyst

UC Davis’ Venture Catalyst facilitates the translation of University research and technology by driving the development of new ventures.

UC Davis is known worldwide for its leadership in research. Each year this research leads to new innovations and technologies that are translated to the marketplace through UC Davis startup companies. Venture Catalyst drives the successful development of new ventures based on UC Davis intellectual property through its collaborations, programmatic activities, and outreach efforts.


Venture Catalyst collaborates closely with UC Davis stakeholders and resources such as InnovationAccess, the Foundation and Corporate Engagement, and the UC Davis Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship to directly support campus entrepreneurs developing university technology into new, viable ventures.

Proof-of-Concept Programs

Venture Catalyst manages three proof-of-concept programs, which provide funding and resources to translate basic UC Davis research with commercial potential by demonstrating proof-of-concept and establishing market viability. These programs also help develop an innovative and entrepreneurial culture that extends the benefits of UC Davis research activities beyond the boundaries of the university.

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START Program

The Smart Toolkit for Accelerated Research Translation (START™) Suite of programs equips UC Davis entrepreneurs with the tools needed to form and grow successful companies. The offerings of START™ Suite are open to all individuals and companies with a UC Davis affiliation (current faculty/student/staff and alumni). The START™ Suite includes:

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Venture Catalyst’s Handbook for Startup

Venture Catalyst Engagement HandbookThis handbook illustrates some of the resources and support available to faculty, students, staff and alumni interested in developing technology-derived startups, most of which will develop and are expected to grow within the Davis-Sacramento region and in proximity to the university.

Economic Engagement

Venture Catalyst engages with the Davis and Sacramento business, governmental and economic development community to highlight the development of technologies and ventures coming out of UC Davis that will drive tomorrow’s regional job creation. Working closely with these partners, Venture Catalyst is invigorating the technology-based entrepreneurial ecosystem of the entire region.

Biotech Innovation Gallery

The Biotech Innovation Gallery (BIG) Accelerator program provides UC Davis-associated startups with targeted mentoring and training around intellectual property and regulatory strategy as well as coaching on business models, market analysis and investor pitches.

The accelerator program runs from August to January and culminates in the Biotech Innovation Gallery Open House, Showcase and Networking Event which coincides with the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference in San Francisco.  The event offers a platform for UC Davis innovators to showcase their emerging biotech companies to industry experts, potential strategic partners and investors.


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