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IRB Forms

On this page, you will find hyperlinks to download forms and templates that may be used in the course of conducting human subjects research at UC Davis.

In addition to the forms and templates found on this page, the UC Davis IRB uses two electronic forms, the Initial Review Application and Post-Approval Submission Form. While these electronic forms must be completed on our electronic submission system, IRBNet, information about these forms is provided on this page.


Need help deciding which protocol or consent template to use?

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Electronic Forms on IRBNet

The IRB has adopted the IRBNet suite of tools, accessible via the internet, bringing electronic protocol management, online submission, and many other important research oversight features to the UC Davis research community. For more information visit our IRBNet webpage.

Initial Review Application

All New Project submissions, except requests for a “Not Human Subjects Research” determination, to the UC Davis IRB must include an Initial Review Application, which is an electronic form to be completed on IRBNet. For a complete list of documents to be included in your specific New Project submission, please see the “Additional Documents and Requirements” page of the Post-Approval Submission Form.


Go to the Initial Review Application Guide

Post-Approval Submission Form

Any submissions to the UC Davis IRB after initial approval (i.e., modifications, reports of new information, continuing reviews, closures) should include a Post-Approval Submission Form, which is also an electronic form to be completed on IRBNet. For a complete list of documents to be included in your specific post-approval submission to the IRB, please see the “Form Complete” page of the Post-Approval Submission Form.


Go to the Post-Approval Submission Self-Guided Training



Forms and Templates to be Submitted to the IRB

Request for Not Human Subjects Research Determination

If you do NOT think your study is human subjects research, please submit the HRP-210 Request for Determination on IRBNet. Doing so allows the IRB to issue an official determination that your project is not human subjects research. This determination may be required for funding, access to certain data, or publication.

  • COMMON MISTAKE: If you think your study is NOT human subjects research, just submit the HRP-210 Request for Determination. Do NOT complete an Initial Review Application or submit any other forms.


Protocol Templates

If a protocol was NOT provided by the study’s sponsor or lead site, then a completed HRP-503 Protocol Template must be included in your submission. Only one HRP-503 Protocol Template should be completed for each study.


Consent Form Templates


Fee Forms

A fee is required for some new project and continuing review submissions to the IRB. To determine if fees apply to your research, please see the IRB Fees page.


Post-Approval Submission Resources

  • IRB TIP: The Modification Summary Table may be useful for communicating specific changes for more complicated modifications, especially in investigator-initiated clinical trials.


Forms and Templates to be Used in Research, but NOT Submitted to the IRB

HIPAA Authorization Form (Version 2017)

HIPAA Authorization Version 2017 is required for studies initially approved on or after June 1, 2018. For questions regarding HIPAA Authorizations, please contact the Compliance Department.

  • COMMON MISTAKE: Do NOT submit any of the above HIPAA Authorization Forms to the IRB.


HRP-507 Consent Document – Short Form

A Short Form Consent Document is an alternative to using a translated consent document when one is not available. For more information about when a short form may be used in research, please see the Overcoming Language Barriers section of our Consent Process page.

  • COMMON MISTAKE: Do NOT submit any of the Short Form Consent Documents below.

* Not approved by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) IRB


Forms Used for Review

Below are the worksheets and checklists the IRB uses for review. These worksheets are for reference only.

  • COMMON MISTAKE: Do NOT include worksheets and checklists in submissions to the IRB.

Worksheets (HRP-300s)

Checklists (HRP-400s)



Additional Resources

  • IRB TIP: The IRB requires that all principal investigators review and agree to comply with the Investigator Manual before and during their research.