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About Us

The Office of Research (OR) serves as the primary campus office for matters related to research, including:

  • Review and acceptance of extramural research awards.
  • Furthering research relationships with government and industry.
  • Encouraging and assisting faculty in developing research and scholarly studies.
  • Oversight of intramural research support.
  • Functional responsibility for organized research units and projects.
  • Management of certain research-related programs, instrumentation and facilities.
  • Management of several UC Natural Reserve sites
  • Review and approval of the use of human subjects and conflict of interest disclosures.
  • Coordination of patenting and licensing of campus intellectual property.

Organizational Structure

Research Administration

The Research Administration and Compliance division supports campus researchers and staff in their efforts to secure and steward extramural funding.

Interdisciplinary Research & Strategic Initiatives

The Interdisciplinary and Strategic Initiatives (IRSI) division works with faculty and staff to leverage and expand research programs through partnerships with federal, state and private entities.

Innovation & Technology Commercialization

The Innovation & Technology Commercialization (ITC) division connects UC Davis and industry to transform today’s research and development into tomorrow’s successful products, services and businesses.

Research Core Facilities Program

The Research Core Facilities Program (RCFP) supports research at UC Davis by enabling access to shared research facilities with state-of-the-art technologies, specialized expertise and training opportunities.

Teaching and Research Animal Care Services

Teaching and Research Animal Care Services (TRACS) ensures humane care and use of animals used in teaching and research at UC Davis.