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MALDI Mass Spectrometer

The Campus Mass Spectrometry Facilities (CMSF) under the Office of Research is proud to announce the acquisition of our newest mass spectrometer, a Bruker UltraFlextreme MALDI TOF/TOF.  This instrument is the result of a NIH SIG award, and it is now installed in our Hutchison facility.  It is extremely easy to use and is available to the UC Davis research community as an open-access instrument or on a per-sample basis.

It’s currently being used to measure the following types of molecules:

  • Peptides & glycopeptides
  • Proteins (up to 500 KDa)
  • RNA/DNA  (up to 40-50mers)
  • Lipids
  • Oligosaccharides
  • Polymers
  • Fullerenes

It is capable of accurate mass, can do tandem MS (MS/MS) and is very fast with a 2KHz laser.

UltraFlexThe instrument is also capable of Bruker Biotyping, the FDA approved rapid ID of microorganisms with the addition of some software and libraries.

Please contact Dr. William Jewell at [email protected] with any questions or see our website for additional details.