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Funding Opportunities & Limited Submissions

COVID-19 Research Funding Opportunities


Customize Your Funding Search

A number of websites allow you to create customized searches based on keywords and other criteria, save those searches, and even receive weekly emails of results.

Comprehensive Funding Database

Pivot is the most comprehensive, editorially maintained database of funding opportunities available. Create your own saved searches or click directly on one of the 20+ subject-specific lists of opportunities hand-picked by UC Davis Office of Research staff.

Pivot Tutorials & Guides

Federal Government Extramural Funding includes all discretionary grants from federal grant-making agencies. Create a unique search or browse by funding categories for one of their 26 federal agencies.California Grants Portal is your one destination to find all grants and loans offered on a competitive or first-come basis by California state agencies.

Non-government Extramural Funding

Philanthropy News Digest serves as a source for private foundations and other philanthropic organizations. View a list of RFPs, search by keywords, or browse by subject. Additionally, Philanthropy News Digest includes an option to sign up for RSS feeds or newsletters.

For more help with funding opportunities via private entities contact UC Davis Foundation and Corporate Engagement.

UC-wide Intramural Funding

UC Research Initiatives offer unique opportunities for collaboration and seed funding across the full breadth of academic disciplines and scholarship at UC, from the arts and humanities to engineering, natural sciences, social sciences, education, and medicine.

UC Davis Intramural Funding

UC Davis Administered Programs’ InfoReady Review is UCD’s application portal for campus-wide administered programs.

Browse a list of current funding opportunities or contact our office to set up your own portal for conducting internal proposal reviews.

Need assistance

Need more help? Schedule an appointment to meet with a funding opportunities specialist in the Office of Research.

You can also receive weekly funding updates via email with news, events, and hand-picked funding opportunities.

UC Davis Office of Research Funding Information

The UC Davis Office of Research provides a number of services to help you find funding for your research. Our InfoReady Review platform is an easy-to-use portal where researchers can apply to internal funding opportunities, and submit pre-proposals for Limited Submission opportunities (a necessary step if a Request for Proposals limits the number of proposals an institution may submit). You can also sign up to receive a weekly email with pertinent news, events, and relevant funding opportunities.

Discover our hand-picked funding opportunities

Log-in to InfoReady Review to find internal funding opportunities

Receive weekly funding updates

Sign up to receive weekly email alerts of new funding opportunities, announcements, and events relevant to research at UC Davis

Find and submit Limited Submissions preproposals

View and submit internal pre-proposals to limited and coordinated submission programs.

Limited Submissions FAQs

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