Research Continuity & Planning for COVID-19

COVID-19 Research Resources

Updated 1/7/22

As the COVID-19 outbreak evolves, the Office of Research continues to work closely with the UC Davis leadership team, the University of California Office of the President and colleagues from other UC campuses to establish guidance specific to research operations. The following guidance is intended to help the campus research community limit the impact and potential risk associated with COVID-19. Each laboratory or research facility should create specific plans based on this guidance.

Our office will continue to update this page as new information becomes available, however, we encourage you to also visit the UC Davis Coronavirus website for the latest news and information from the campus.

Ramp-Up plan
Working Group
Research News

Campus Directives Related to Research

1/6/2022: Campus Operations Update
6/2/2021: Call to Enter Phase 4 of On-Campus Research Ramp-Up Plan
3/18/2021: Call to Enter Phase 3 of the On-Campus Research Ramp-Up Plan
1/12/2021: Update on COVID-19 Research Operations on Campus
10/27/2020: Call to Enter Phase 2x of the On-Campus Research Ramp-Up Plan
6/1/2020: Call to Enter Phase 2 of the On-Campus Research Ramp-Up Plan
5/7/2020: Call to Ramp Up Select Research Activities (Phase 1x effective 5/11/2020)
4/23/2020: Guidelines for Ramping Up On-Campus Research
3/17/2020: Call to Ramp Down On-Campus Research

Planning/Actions for PIs and researchers

Operations Supporting Research

Graduate Students and Postdocs

Guidance from agencies and institutions

New Research and Technology Development Targeting COVID-19

COVID-19 Research Working Group

The Office of Research has organized a research working group on COVID-19 in effort to bring together researchers from all disciplines interested in working toward solutions to this ever-present health crisis. Through the group’s website, you can easily connect with other researchers and efforts, find a listing of campus resources, discover funding opportunities and stay abreast of the latest news regarding UC Davis’ contributions to COVID-19 research.

Resources and Related Announcements

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