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Interdisciplinary Research & Strategic Initiatives

The Interdisciplinary Research & Strategic Initiatives (IRSI) division within the Office of Research provides services to initiate, develop and advance interdisciplinary research at UC Davis. These services include coordination of limited submissions, development of large-scale grant proposals, identifying funding opportunities, managing organized research units and establishing partnerships with entities off campus.

Services Offered

Strategic Partnerships
Strategic Partnerships

Funding Opportunities
Funding Opportunities

Project & Proposal Development
Project & Proposal Development

Project & Proposal
Research Collaboration
Research Collaboration


Research Pathways to Impact

Research Pathways to Impact offers a suite of online programming to help researchers and innovators advance their programs and careers. The series provides the campus research community with a platform offering regular interactions around themes of common interest (including emerging research areas), access to research development resources and guidance on best practices.

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Events and Announcements

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Administrative Support Units

Interdisciplinary Research Support (IRS)

Assists faculty and researchers in identifying funding opportunities, provides grantsmanship advice and support, and coordinates the development and preparation of research proposals to extramural sponsors.

Research Unit Development

Supports and nurtures the infrastructure for interdisciplinary and translational research activities conducted by Oversees organized research units, special research programs, and research instruments & central facilities. Assists with strategic planning, programmatic review, and administrative oversight of these critical units that serve the needs of faculty in strategic research priority areas.

Strategic Initiatives

Conducts strategic, proactive and catalytic activities in order to increase the competitiveness of faculty and teams of researchers when attracting extramural funding. Organizes partnerships, workshops and collaborative engagements to advance interdisciplinary research at UC Davis.

Organized Research Units

Organized Research UnitsThe Office of Research promotes interdisciplinary research by overseeing a unique network of Organized Research Units and Special Research Programs. These units and programs foster research that crosses boundaries among multiple disciplines which cannot readily be done within the administrative structure of a single department or other administrative unit.


Strategic Initiatives Executive Staff

Strategic Initiatives Staff

Interdisciplinary Research Support Staff

Research Unit Development Staff