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UC Davis Guide to Research & Compliance

Guide to Research Compliance

The Guide to Research Compliance for Principal Investigators and Department Administrators provides a single reference for all the accounting, safety and ethical guidelines that must be taken into consideration on sponsored projects.
Quality research requires adherence to the highest standards of integrity in proposing, conducting and reporting research. UC Davis is committed to achieving the premier ethical and legal standards of research conduct by fostering a culture of compliance, responsibility and conscience that reflects integrity and truth as core values in science and scholarship.
This section provides information to ensure that you are aware of and comply with all applicable policies and procedures of the University as well as extramural funding agencies to meet your obligations.

UC Davis Policy and Procedure Manual

The UC Davis Policy & Procedure Manual (PPM) is issued by the Offices of the Chancellor and Provost and is the official source for UC Davis policies and implementing procedures. Policies apply to all units under the jurisdiction of UC Davis, whether located in Davis, in Sacramento, or at off-site locations, unless otherwise noted.

Policies and Regulations
The conduct of research at the University of California, Davis is governed by the rules and policies promulgated by several jurisdictions—the Federal and State governments, the UC Office of the President, the Academic Senates of both the University of California system and the Davis campus, as well as the administration of UC Davis. This section of the Office of Research website provides information on the variety of such rules, regulations, and policies.