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Faculty Expertise

With several thousand faculty and researchers working in many disciplines across the UC Davis campus, it can be difficult to identify individuals with specific expertise. To assist in this process, UC Davis is committed to using innovative research tools and information technologies to promote collaboration for our partners.

The following portals allow you to search by last name or expertise area, pulling data from publicly available sources regarding publications, grants, and patents. While not comprehensive, these portals assist with finding information valuable to identify researchers and potential collaborators.


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This tool can be used to identify other researchers (both within and external to the UC Davis) for potential research partnerships. (Pivot account is required to access this database.)



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A web-based portal from Elsevier that displays all the publications for profiled faculty by individual or organizational unit. The publication data are used to calculate an expertise “fingerprint,” or profile, which is fully searchable. Co-authorship relationships are also displayed. Publications are extracted from Elsevier’s Scopus database and are then quality-checked by Elsevier staff for accuracy, thus requiring little or no faculty effort for creation of profiles. Publications are updated weekly.


Schools and Colleges research areas
Additional details regarding research being conducted within specific schools and colleges across UC Davis can be found at the above link.