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Research Core Facilities Program

The mission of the Research Core Facilities Program is to enable researchers at UC Davis to have access to the state-of-the-art technology for their scientific research, to streamline the core facility administration while improving accountability and transparency, and to provide training opportunities for faculty, graduate students and staff.

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Congratulations Research Cores Continuity Awardees (FY2024)

The Office of Research is delighted to announce the thirteen awardees of the Research Cores Continuity Funding program for FY2024. These exceptional research cores demonstrated their commitment in advancing the university’s research mission, and the Office of Research is honored to provide one-time funds to support their operations.

The Research Cores Continuity funding program’s primary goal is to maintain critical services that cores offer to researchers by supporting the operations and instrumentation in high-performing cores. Eligible units include any organized shared research facility or resource that provides access to technologies, equipment, services, and expert consultation to enable, facilitate, and enhance the research mission of the university. The FY2024 Research Cores Continuity funding program is supported by an investment of $500,000 from the Office of Research.

We appreciate all the applicants who applied. The program received many strong applications, and we were unable to fund every deserving proposal. Your submissions of your operational requirements and challenges have contributed valuable insights into the unmet needs in shared resource facilities across campus. These contributions play a role in our ongoing development of a strategic approach to cores. Thank you for your participation and commitment to advancing research at our university.


Advanced Materials Characterization and Testing Laboratory
Applicant: Yayoi Takamura
Supports continuity of user training efforts, course support, and laboratory management for materials characterization

Biorepository Shared Resource
Applicant: Nam Tran
Extends quality control and tumor identification capabilities through a computer-assisted pathology platform

Center for Aquatic Biology and Aquaculture (CABA)
Applicant: Helene Dillard
Assists in establishing a backup water system with alarming and monitoring to enhance animal welfare and safety

Center for Nano Micro Manufacturing
Applicant: Ryan Anderson  
Restores and maintains operation of lithography, etching, and wafer bonding systems critical for materials research

Comparative Pathology Laboratory
Applicant: Denise Imai-Leonard
Contributes emergency support for management of necropsy services and laboratory samples for pathology clients

Contained Research Facility
Applicant: Asheley Greenlee
Provides retrofitting of environmental chambers for continuation of work on agricultural pests and management

Flow Cytometry Shared Resource
Applicant: Bridget McLaughlin
Ensures operation of a workhorse cytometer used for irreplaceable human clinical samples

Health Sciences District Advanced Imaging Facility
Applicant: Ingrid Brust-Mascher
Provides service for a powerful STED microscope that performs super-resolution imaging of cells and tissues

Light Microscopy Core
Applicant: Ken Kaplan
Continues robust user training, expert consultation and optimization of spatial and temporal resolution in light microscopy

Multimodal Imaging Core
Applicant: Alice Tarantal
Extends the essential service contract for the NIH-funded total-body PET µBioExplorer for study of diseases and disorders

The Center for Genomic Pathology laboratory
Applicant: Qian Chen
Maintains vital services in auto-staining and multiplex-imaging microscopy for cells and tissues

UC Davis Center for Plant Diversity herbarium (CPD)
Applicant: Daniel Potter
Supports continued access to the herbarium collection and resources through transition to a modern website platform

UC Davis Veterinary Genetics Laboratory
Applicant: Robert Grahn
Maintains service for rapid screening through training and equipment transfer

Please contact Isabelle Girard (, Director, Research Core Facilities Program, with questions.

Research Core Facilities Survey Results (December 2022)

As part of the effort to understand the campus core landscape and researcher needs, the AVC Cores Working Group developed and launched an anonymous survey for the UC Davis research community, including faculty, trainees, staff, students, clinicians, and researchers. The survey was designed to solicit researcher input on the current and recent use of cores and shared facilities, including challenges, unmet needs, concerns, and comments. A copy of the full Research Cores Survey Report can be found here.

Research Core Facilities Survey Results