Human Anatomical Specimen & Tissue Oversight

Any UC Davis researchers who wish to use human anatomical specimens for education or research MUST submit an application to the UC Davis Anatomical Materials Review Committee (AMRC) and receive approval from the AMRC before commencing the research or education efforts.

The UC Davis policy on anatomical specimens sets forth the standards and procedures for the procurement, inventory, use, management, transfer, transportation and disposition of human anatomical specimens to support the appropriate educational and research use of human anatomical materials by faculty, staff, students and residents. The Human Anatomical Specimen and Tissue Oversight Committee (HASTOC) was established to provide a uniform approach and process for the development of and adherence to the UC Davis policy on anatomical specimens. As part of its charge, HASTOC serves as the UC Davis Anatomical Advisory Board. The Research Ethics and Compliance Office (RECO) provides administrative support to HASTOC.

Arrangements for the procurement or donation of anatomical specimens from a source other than the Body Donation Program or UCDHS Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine must be approved by the AMRC prior to receipt. The AMRC meets monthly to review and take action on requests to use human anatomical specimens. Application forms and approvals can be obtained by contacting the UC Davis Body Donation Program at (916) 734-9560.