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Researchers can access a wide variety of instruments and services through core facilities. The core facilities provide access to technologies, training, and high-quality scientific, technical services delivered by experts, often on a fee-for-service basis, to enable, facilitate, or enhance the research mission of the university.
Explore the shared research resources available at UC Davis, including:
    • Cores : labs, centers, offices, and units that own resources and provide services
    • Resources : equipment, space, software, datasets, and other assets
    • Services : analysis, consultation, training, recording, and other expertise for hire or for free

Accepting Core Entries

To add a core, resource, or services

Please reach out to the RCFP team at . Provide the following details:

1.  Name of the core or shared resource unit
2. Core website address
3. Primary contact email

If you have multiple facilities to add, you may download our Multiple Core Facilities Setup Template.


Core Entry Editing Guide

Core Entry Demo PowerPoint

What Are Research Resources and Services?

Resources include a range of physical and intangible assets that function to advance research and scholarship, including:

      • instruments and other equipment
      • databases, collections and registries
      • training, expert consultation, and other services

Services are support or assistance offered to researchers to facilitate their research endeavors, including:

      • expert consultation/ technical expertise
      • training
      • data analysis

The Directory does not include information about:

      • laboratory equipment that is not shared
      • resources specifically for education and teaching
      • general-purpose resources, such as AV equipment
      • individual faculty labs or research programs
      • safety and compliance offices that administer regulatory policies

Note: For the Directory, the term “core” includes any UC Davis research core or shared research facility or unit (regardless of designation as a Campus Research Core Facility) on the Davis campus, in Sacramento, and at off-campus locations in all schools and colleges. Research cores and shared facilities include scientific recharge units, service centers providing research services, and professionally managed shared expertise, instrumentation, and equipment facilities that provide access to technologies, equipment, services, and expert consultation to enable, facilitate, and enhance the research mission of the university. The UC Davis approach to cores is comprehensive and applies to life sciences, physical sciences, social sciences, and the arts and humanities.

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