Award Review and Acceptance

The award process begins when a Notice of Award (NOA) is received from a sponsor by the Sponsored Programs Office (SPO).

If you receive an NOA, send a copy to [email protected] to initiate the process. Include the:

    • Principal Investigator’s (PI’s) name
    • Sponsor name
    • Associated Cayuse SP Proposal number and/or Project number
      • Or SPO number if the associated proposal was submitted before the 2017 transition to Cayuse SP

The award will be assigned to an analyst in SPO for review, who will reach out to the PI/department administrator to request outstanding documents, ask clarifying questions, and/or request PI concurrence to the agreement terms and conditions.

When an award is accepted by the university, UC Davis Contracts & Grants Accounting is informed and will reach out to the PI/Department Administrator as soon as they are able to set up the award funding accounts.