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When electing to license a UC Davis technology, you will undoubtedly benefit from the knowledge and expertise of our Technology Transfer Office as they assist you throughout the licensing process. Once you’ve connected with one of our Intellectual Property Officers, you will often gain access to exclusive information regarding revolutionary technologies, along with the ability to discuss plans for licensing and commercializing these technologies with our industry experts.

Many new, innovative companies have been spun off from UC Davis research, and the university holds 15,000+ active patents. With a vast portfolio of novel technologies to choose from, and ample research capabilities, we encourage you to consider the immeasurable benefits of working with our inventors and licensing one of the groundbreaking technologies developed at UC Davis. If you’re unable to begin the licensing process today, we invite you to keep in touch with us and stay informed on exciting research at UC Davis.


To begin the licensing process, search our available technologies or plant varieties, or you may contact us directly and we will assist you in identifying technologies which suit your company’s needs. You will then have the opportunity to sign a confidentiality agreement and learn more about the technology.

Once the licensing process is underway, an agreement will be drafted conforming to common UC patent license terms. At this time you will also be given the option of securing a low-cost, time-limited, letter agreement while negotiations proceed. This time-limited agreement provides you with the commitment that UC Davis will refrain from further marketing of this technology.

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