Technology Transfer Office

The UC Davis Technology Transfer Office provides services that connect research to the marketplace and is focused specifically on protecting and commercializing intellectual property as well as fostering entrepreneurship within the campus community. Our team of experts are available to help you find and proceed with acquiring and commercializing new technologies.

Technology Transfer Office (TTO) works closely with campus researchers and innovators and engage with the local community, businesses and partner organizations to ensure that new technologies become the foundation for new products and services that address societal needs and foster economic growth. Our team partners to provide services to translate today’s research into tomorrow’s solutions for public benefit through technology management, licensing, education, outreach, and entrepreneurship support.

Our Goal

Our goal is to translate innovative research into successful commercial impact.

Explore our Impact

You can learn more about our commercialization initiatives, transformative industry partnerships and new and innovative programs via the Office of Research Newsletter and Annual Impact Report.


Contact Information

[email protected]

(530) 754-8649


Sara Armstrong
Material Transfer Agreement Analyst
(530) 754-2974

Julie Bridge
Material Transfer Agreement Analyst
(530) 754-7651

Michael Carriere
Assistant Director – Plant Variety Licensing
(530) 754-8462

Daryl Fernandez
Intellectual Property Analyst

Dianna Francis
Intellectual Property Officer
(530) 754-8732

Rajagopal Gururajan
Senior Intellectual Property Officer
(530) 754-7637

Victor Haroldsen
Intellectual Property Officer
(530) 752-7717

Ana Hinman
Material Transfer Agreement Analyst
(530) 754-7619

Susie Ji
Intellectual Property Analyst

Caleb Jones
Intellectual Property Marketing Analyst
(530) 754-0777

Amir Kallas
Intellectual Property Officer
(530) 754-8730

Cydney Matteson
Material Transfer Agreement Analyst

Michael Mueller
Intellectual Property Officer
(530) 752-8104

Kendra O’Neal Smith
Intellectual Property Analyst
(530) 754-8713

Atalanti Pitsillides
Intellectual Property Analyst
(530) 752-5150

Isaac Rainwater
Strawberry Licensing Field Representative
(530) 752-4872 / (530) 304-6266

Aubrey Nichole Medeiros
Intellectual Property Analyst
(530) 752-4765

Byron Roberts
Senior Intellectual Property Officer
(530) 754-8689

Eugene Sisman
Senior Intellectual Property Officer & Interim Director
(530) 754-7650

Praba Soundararajan
Intellectual Property Officer

Sharron Thompson
Principal Intellectual Property Analyst
(530) 754-7661

Sonia Vazquez
Senior Intellectual Property Analyst, Plant Variety Licensing
(530) 754-8674

Katie Vogel
Intellectual Property Analyst