Financial Conflicts of Interest

The Conflict of Interest Committee (COIC), with support from the Research Ethics and Compliance Office (RECO), reviews investigator disclosures of outside financial interests, determines whether the outside interest(s) constitute a real or apparent conflict of interest, and recommends to the Vice Chancellor of Research a plan to manage conflicts.

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Reporting Outside Activities (Conflict of Commitment)

Completing your financial conflict of interest disclosure(s) for research activities does not satisfy your separate obligation to report outside activities to your Department. If you are subject to APM-025 or APM-671, the outside activity reporting process and information page can be accessed here, Outside Activity Tracking System (OATS).

Note: Category I Activities as defined in APM-025 or APM-671 (e.g. founding a start-up company or conducting research at another institution) require prior approval.

Conflict of Commitment and Outside Activities Policies

APM-025 (Faculty Members who are not participants in the Health Science Compensation Plan)
APM-671 (Health Sciences Compensation Plan Participants)

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