At the Office of Research, safety isn’t just a priority—it is a commitment. We prioritize the safety and well-being of faculty, staff, students, volunteers and visitors. Our goal is to provide a safe environment for all by implementing policies and procedures that protect the people and resources.

To learn about the principles of safety, visit: Principles of Safety.

Identifying Hazards

The Office of Research comprises multiple units under its auspice including laboratories, field stations, animal, and industrial facilities.  Each has its unique hazards:

Office of Research IIPP and EAP

The Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) and Emergency Action Plan (EAP) are department specific documents.  At the forefront of injury reductions since 1991, the IIPP has established ways to remove or mitigate hazards.  The EAP is a way to plan and rehearse actions taken during an emergency.  Here are the Office of Research specific documents and the training material used to cover them:

Office of Research IIPP

Office of Research EAP

Office of Research Annual Safety Training Video

Office of Research Annual Safety Training PDF


Injury Reporting

It is critical that all injuries are promptly reported to EH&S for both compliance and continuous improvement. Cal-OSHA mandates reporting incidents within an 8-hour time frame for compliance with this requirement. This also allows us an opportunity to learn from any mistakes that caused the injury. Injuries can be reported to campus using the Incident Online Tool.

Reporting Hazards

We encourage proactive hazard reporting to maintain a safe environment. An important part of any safety program is the identification, removal, and/or mitigation of hazards. If you identify a hazard, please utilize the Hazard Alert Form to report it promptly. You can email the hazard alert form to [email protected], place it in the Safety Officer’s mailbox in Mrak Hall, or slide it under the Safety Officer’s office door.

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