Proposal Development Services

The Proposal Development Services team, formerly called Interdisciplinary Research Support, offers extensive services and resources to UC Davis researchers to assist in the development and submission of extramural funding proposals, including individual research grants, individual fellowships, larger center-scale and team grants, equipment grants, and institutional training grants. The unit provides early career research support, project management for large team grants, and a toolbox with templates, training opportunities, and resources to facilitate successful proposals.

Our services include:

Additionally, we provide year-round professional development opportunities for faculty and researchers, such as workshops, proposal clinics, and writing retreats, to bolster the confidence and competence of UC Davis grant seekers.

Contact Information

General Inquiries


Sheryl Soucy-Lubell, Ph.D.
Director and Editorial Coordinator
(530) 754-7725

Christina Adamson
Financial Team Manager
(530) 754-7827

Demet Candas Green, Ph.D.
Editorial Team Manager
(530) 754-7788

Stephanie Etting, Ph.D.
Research Development Training Officer

Kelli Tallon
Budget Development Analyst
(530) 754-3425

Cai Thorman, Ph.D.
Research Development Specialist
(530) 754-3423

Auriel Washburn, Ph.D.
Training Grants Analyst & Coordinator
(530) 752-2610

Erin Watkins
Senior Editor
(530) 754-7828

Rachel Whitcombe
Proposal Development Officer