Cayuse SP

Office of Research Announces the Roll Out of Cayuse SP for Processing New Sponsored Project Awards Beginning July 1, 2017

The Office of Research is pleased to announce the roll out of Cayuse SP for processing new sponsored project awards beginning July 1, 2017. We will also begin the phased roll out of Cayuse SP for new proposal development and submission (currently in pilot testing) later this summer. Once fully implemented, Cayuse SP will simplify the entire sponsored project lifecycle management from proposal creation to award close-out.

What this means for managing new awards

Effective July 1st, all new awards received will be processed using Cayuse SP by our Sponsored Programs Office. As a result, principal investigators and department administrators will begin receiving all award documents and communications from your award analyst with a link to the Cayuse system instead of the current Contract and Grant attachments. Cayuse SP will allow you to view the status of awards received after July 1, 2017. Awards received prior to July 1, 2017 will not be seen in Cayuse SP but new increments or actions on existing awards that occur after July 1 2017 will be available in Cayuse SP. Thus it is important that you continue to use your current methods for maintaining and tracking your historical records.

Instructions for logging into the system with your Kerberos password and viewing your awards can be found here.

What this means for new proposal development and submissions

Cayuse SP is designed to replace the data sheet with an electronic means of capturing the data, signing off on proposals and routing of proposals through the Sponsored Programs Office. It will replace the current snail-mail, email or drop-box methods of proposal submission. It is a complimentary system to the Cayuse 424 application system for US Federal proposals that was launched in the fall of 2016. The Cayuse SP system is currently being evaluated as part of a pilot release with a select group of departments and will be rolled out in phases by department over the summer. You will be notified with further details regarding training and implementation goals when it becomes available for your department. Until then, continue to submit proposals as you have been doing. Our goal is to complete this rollout in fall 2017.

In advance of this goal, we encourage all faculty and staff submitting US Federal proposals through Grants.Gov to become familiar with and utilize the Cayuse 424 application which was launched in the fall of 2016.

More information about Cayuse SP, including benefits, instructions for use, training resources and answers to frequently asked questions are available on this SPO Training page. Please continue to check this site for updated information as the rollout continues.

If you have additional questions, please contact [email protected].

We look forward to working with you to ensure a smooth transition and hope that you realize a more transparent, efficient and effective workflow using Cayuse SP. We recognize that no system transition is without its challenges along with its benefits and I welcome your feedback and suggestions as you experience the new systems.

Best regards,

Cindy Kiel
Executive Associate Vice Chancellor for Research Administration
[email protected]