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IRB Administration has a phone line and email account dedicated to providing support, assistance, and guidance to UC Davis Researchers. To speak directly with an experienced IRB Administration staff member please contact our education line:

phone number: 916-703-9158


Single IRB and Reliance Support

IRB review of research conducted at multiple institutions presents a unique set of challenges. If you have questions about IRB review of research involving institutions other than UC Davis, please contact our IRB Reliance group:


Office Hours

Drop-in Office Hours for IRB Requirements hosted by the CTSC

When: 1st Friday of the month

Time: 12:00-2:00 pm

Where: Zoom

Registration: Not required

Additional Information

IRB Chairs

Anderson, John
Biomedical Committee B
(916) 734-7210

MacMillan, John
Biomedical Committee A
(916) 734-7506

Henricson, Erik
Social & Behavioral Committee C
(916) 734-7041


John Tupin
(916) 703-9146

Walters, Nicole
Associate Director
(916) 703-9155

Executive Assistant

Chase, Elizabeth
Executive Assistant
(916) 703-9156

Outreach, Training & Education

Trainer, Training & Education


Falwell, Stephanie
Analyst, Intake
(916) 703-9232

Harrington, Joseph
Analyst, Intake

Zavala, Gloria
Analyst, Intake
(916) 703-9167

Full Committee

Carioggia, Amanda
Analyst, Biomedical Review Committee B
(916) 734-4532

Leung, Debbie
Analyst, Social & Behavioral Review Committee C
(916) 703-9181

Yokoi, Royce
Analyst, Biomedical Review Committee A
(916) 703-9152

Non-Committee Review

Jones, Laura B
Analyst, IRB Reviewer
(916) 703-9147

Lawrence, Katherine Sohn
Analyst, IRB Reviewer
(916) 734-4486

Lawrence, Rebecca
Analyst, IRB Reviewer
(916) 703-9233

Ramirez, Jessica
Analyst, IRB Reviewer
(916) 703-9159

Salazar, Tom
Analyst, IRB Reviewer
(916) 703-9157

Single IRB and Reliances

Evans, Jenée
Analyst, sIRB and Reliances, IRB Reviewer
(916) 703-9161

Sprow, Carmen
Analyst, sIRB and Reliances, IRB Reviewer
(916) 703-9163

Lundahl, Kristy
Analyst, sIRB and Reliances, IRB Reviewer
(916) 703-9153




For questions regarding IRB Review invoices, please contact OR IRB Billing.

Map & Directions

University of California, Davis
2921 Stockton Blvd
Suite 1400, Room 1429
Sacramento, CA 95817

Intercampus Mailing Address:
IRB Administration
CTSC Building

Phone: (916) 703-9151
Fax: (916) 703-9160

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