Guidance Related to Government Shutdown

Guidance Related to Government Shutdown

Posted  January 14, 2019

The Office of Research, in collaboration with other offices, is closely monitoring the partial government shutdown and the impact on research. While parts of the federal government (such as NIH) are fully funded for the entire Fiscal Year ’19, other agencies (such as NSF) are not.

The following is a summary of the information that we have compiled as of January 14, 2019. You can visit the University of California Office of the President’s website for ongoing updates and resources.

The following federal agencies have been funded by an appropriations bill, so their grants and agreements should not be affected.

  • Department of Defense
  • Department of Energy
  • Department of Education
  • Veterans Administration
  • Department of Labor
  • Health and Human Services (includes the National Institutes of Health)

For the Affected Agencies

The shutdown may impact application submission, award processing, no-cost extensions, and other tasks that require federal sponsor interaction.


  • The Sponsored Projects Office (SPO) will continue to submit proposals to federal sponsors to the extent proposal submission systems are operable.
  • Applications can be submitted, but deadlines may be affected. Check with your sponsor.

Awards and Contracts

  • Federal awards from affected agencies will not be issued during the shutdown.
  • For existing awards, work can continue if obligated funds are available and the work does not require support of federal employees or facilities.
  • Additional funds, including continuation/supplement and new awards will not be awarded during the shutdown.
  • Agency personnel may not be available to assist with support of, or changes to existing awards.
  • If a sponsor sends a stop-work order, the Sponsored Programs Office will notify the PI. If you receive a stop-work order directly, please send an email with the attached stop-work order to [email protected].

Links to agency contingency plans:


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