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Using UC Davis’s Copyrights

Copyrights to works created by many UC Davis faculty – such as scholarly articles, books, artwork or music – and to works created by students for academic coursework initially belong to the author rather than The Regents of the University of California. To use those materials you need to contact the copyright owner, who is often the journal publisher.

Copyright to works created by UC Davis employees, which may include employed students, usually belong to The Regents. Some works created by UC Davis faculty may belong to The Regents under terms of a particular research agreement.

Because software may be protected by both copyright and patent, and because software is often developed by multiple authors including faculty, current and past graduate students, undergraduates, staff, visitors and research sponsors, determining who owns the copyright for software can be complex.

If you think the The Regents own the copyright, contact UC Davis InnovationAccess for information about obtaining a copyright license.

For more information see the UC Policy on Copyright Ownership.

Definitions of capitalized terms and FAQs are on the University of California copyright website.

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