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Policies & Forms

InnovationAccess provides administrative support on issues pertaining to intellectual property management.



  • Record of Invention (ROI) Disclosure Form (DOC | PDF)
  • ROI Additional Inventor Signature Page (DOC | PDF)
  • UC Davis Exclusive Patent License – sample only (PDF)
  • UC Patent Acknowledgment (rev. 2/2011)
  • Inventor/Author Statement Concerning Involvement in Licensing Decisions (Form TT-100) (to identify potential conflicts of interest they may have in negotiations to license their inventions from the University) (DOC | PDF)

Material Transfer, Data Transfer or Confidentiality Agreements

  • Material Transfer (MTA), Data Transfer (DTA) or Confidentiality Agreement (CDA) Request Form (DOC)
  • UC Davis Bilateral Confidentiality Agreement – sample only (PDF)


  • Photocopier Copyright Notification Sign (DOC)
  • Proposal to Distribute Copyright-Protected Work Created Under University Auspices (DOC | PDF)
  • Consent to Record (PDF)


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