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How to Fill an ROI

You may submit your Record of Invention (ROI) form and related files in one of several ways: email, fax, campus mail, or in-person delivery.

UC Davis InnovationAccess
1850 Research Park Drive, Suite 100
Davis, CA 95618

  • Contact InnovationAccess by phone at (530) 754-8649 for additional information or assistance in completing the ROI form.
  1. In Section 1A, complete the requested information for those inventors who are UC Davis faculty, staff, and students. List those individuals who, individually or jointly, contributed either to the conception or reduction to practice of your invention.
  2. In Section 1B, complete the requested information for those inventors who are not employed by UC Davis. Be sure to include the company or university information. For both Section 1A and 1B, if there are more inventors than space allows, please use the ROI Additional Inventor Signature Page (DOC | PDF) to include the additional individuals.
  3. In Section 2A, create a short title, sufficiently descriptive to identify the general nature of the invention without revealing specific details that would enable others to reproduce it. Four to eight words in length is about right.
  4. In Section 2B, provide a brief summary which addresses the essential nature of the invention and which would enable another person working in the field to reproduce the invention.
  5. In Section 2C, provide a detailed description of the invention. Point out its novel features. Do not withhold any key elements of the invention, as a complete description is essential to an enforceable patent. Please note that manuscripts can be attached, and should not be copied here.
  6. In Section 2D, describe the advantages of the invention. This information will be used to review the technology.
  7. In Section 3, funding often carries patent obligations. Be sure to include all outside agencies, organizations, or companies that actually provided any expense funding to any inventor for the research that led to the conception or first actual reduction to practice of the invention. Do not list any funding source gratuitously. NOTE: Failure to provide complete information on funding sources may result in delayed processing of your disclosure and/or difficulty in the University’s fulfilling its legal obligations to research sponsors.
  8. In Section 4, use of proprietary resources and materials often carries patent obligations as well. Please check any boxes that may apply and provide the details as necessary. Please attach a copy or summary of any written or oral agreement, such as a biological materials transfer agreement, into which you or other University personnel entered in order to obtain any proprietary material used to make or develop your invention.
  9. In Sections 5 and 6, please provide the requested details about the conception of the innovation.
  10. In Sections 8 and 9, please list publications, public disclosures, or other similar activity. This information is legally important for determining priority of inventorship and/or legal “bars” to patenting. As a general rule, public disclosure, in any manner, before the date a formal patent application is actually filed in a national patent office automatically destroys patent rights in most foreign countries. Receipt of your ROI form by InnovationAccess is not the same as the filing of a patent application. While United States patent law allows inventors up to one year to file patent applications after first printed publication, public use or sale, the loss of foreign rights often is very important to potential industrial licensees.
  11. In Section 10, identify any references or publications that might be pertinent to this invention. This will be used to draft claims appropriate to the current state of the art.
  12. In Section 11, please provide the details requested regarding the development and market for the technology. The information provided will greatly improve the marketing and patenting strategy developed by our office.
  13. Please send the completed form to