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Confidentiality Agreement

Confidentiality agreements are an important way to protect research and business information from being made public inappropriately, such as to protect your unpublished research from being scooped and to protect intellectual property rights while they are being patented. Several campus units enter into these agreements on behalf of The Regents.

If the primary purpose of the information exchange is regarding a technology (and related research) that you have disclosed, complete a Confidentiality Agreement Request Form (see forms page) and submit as indicated. We will contact the company and inform you when the confidentiality agreement is executed. An example of what the agreement might look like is on the forms page as well.

If the information being shared is to establish a research collaboration or program, contact Sponsored Programs to set up the confidentiality agreement.

Conversations relating to university provision of services to a company under a services agreement are handled by Contracting Services.

If the discussion is related to you providing consulting services to a company in compliance with University policy, the confidentiality agreement is between you, as an individual, and the company. It is important that you ensure the terms of your agreement don’t put you at odds with the UC Patent Policy.