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Building Industry – University Collaborations

University-Industry collaborations are supported by the campus’ strategic plan through “Engagement – Effectively engage the university in the lives of the broader communities it serves.” UC Davis’ strategic plan, which includes providing effective and active support for the economic development and quality of life in the region and state. This webguide aims to promote the following UC Davis strategic indicators of achievement through the:

  • Expansion of quality, variety and number of industry interactions and partnerships,
  • Enhancement of level and quality of technology-transfer interactions and partnerships,
  • Enhancement of public awareness of UC Davis’ contributions to the regions’ economic development,Provision of tools to faculty and staff that streamline administrative processes and allow more support to the core mission of teaching, research and public service,
  • Growth in levels or appropriate corporate sponsorship,
  • Successful placement of graduate students and postdoctoral fellows in positions that utilize their research expertise,
  • Increase in level and quality of research and educational activities devoted to addressing key societal issues and improving the quality of life, and
  • Expansion of number, nature and impact of researchers involved in disciplinary and interdisciplinary work focused on societal issues.

Detailed information

Please follow the link below and in the side bar for detailed information regarding building industry:

If you have any questions or comments about this website, or would like assistance in developing industry-university collaborations, please contact the Office of Corporate Relations at: [email protected].

This webguide has been designed to help build successful industry-university collaborations, and when appropriate, to direct individuals to the office that has decision-making and signature authority and/or policy oversight responsibility for the transaction of interest. The development of these interactive webguides was initially supported by the Office of Research, many other UC Davis campus offices, other University of California campuses, and a grant from the Industry-University Cooperative Research Program (IUCRP), and has been updated to provide the latest resources available across the campus for these partnerships.