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Additional Industry Resources

We promote and encourage UC Davis’ interaction with industry, and there exist many different portals to begin a collaboration based upon the company’s needs, expectations and desired outcomes. Faculty members and professional researchers take the lead in the programmatic development of industry-university collaborations that build upon our research capacity. Each industry-sponsored research project is led by faculty researcher called a university Principal Investigator (PI) who guides the research, shapes the resulting technology, and is responsible for the scientific coordination with the sponsoring company. The PI and department chair are also responsible for ensuring that the project and employees comply with all applicable UC policies and procedures, such as the Disclosure of Financial Interest in Private Sponsors of Research.

As a premiere research university and a public trust, we promote appropriate collaborations and dissemination of our results of these alliances for the advancement of society. University policy and guidelines frame our interactions with industry and obligations to the university in these interactions.

Below are several links to guide industry partnerships at UC Davis: