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Corporate Affiliates Partnership Program

Establishment of Corporate Affiliates Partnership Programs (CAPP) provides a venue for the university to work with industry and public partners to support basic and application-driven research through the translation of discovery through development and production. It also provides an opportunity for university researchers to better understand and appreciate the needs of industry and to integrate this knowledge to enrich their teaching and research.

The campus has organized its CAPP to include three tiers, each providing escalating benefits to the partner with varying support levels and requirements. While UC Davis has established guidelines for the three CAPP tiers, each unit’s CAPP programs will be designed to meet its specific mission and goals. Unit-based CAPP may offer all three tiers to members or focus on only one or two tiers. Outlined in this section are general guidelines for Corporate Affiliate Partnership Programs at UC Davis. These CAPP guidelines will assist in streamlining affiliate programs campus-wide that focus on:

Additional details regarding CAPP at UC Davis can be found at: