Office of Research Guidelines for Establishing New CAPPS - Office of Research

Guidelines for Establishing New CAPPS

CAPP Reporting

The Corporate Affiliates Partnership Program (CAPP) may report to a department, school/college/division or the Office of Research (for Organized Research Units and other special research units). An annual report of members and activities should be provided to the Dean(s) and the Office of Research.

CAPP Approval

Approval for establishing a CAPP is required from the cognizant Dean or Vice Chancellor. The CAPP approval process requires consultation with the Vice Chancellor for Research to assess the impact of the proposed CAPP on other related programs located on campus. All official documents must be approved by the Office of Research including the agreement used for signing members and the listed benefits to ensure alignment with university policy.

Tier One membership fees will be subject to the 6% gift tax and will be processed by the Development Office. Benefits for Tier One members are limited to those identified in the attached document.

Tier Two memberships are subject to a 20% indirect cost rate. Tier Two members may serve on CAPP boards and may participate in decisions on funding CAPP sponsored research, as described in the attached document.

Membership Fees

Membership fees for Tier One and Tier Two can be set by a Director, Dean or head of an appropriate administrative unit. Fees will vary according to appropriate market standards. The membership fee will be retained fully by the CAPP. Gift fees and indirect cost will be distributed according to standard university practices.

Currently existing UC Davis CAPP are not assessing an indirect cost. These units will have until June, 2012 to incorporate the indirect cost into the fee assessed for Tier Two programs.

Membership Recruitment

Corporations may be members of more than one UC Davis CAPP. However, in recruiting new members it would be appropriate to contact leaders of other CAPP to inform them that one of their members is being recruited. The Office of Research can assist CAPP in recruitment of new members.